Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Aerial Imaging in Northern Ontario

Our experience stems from two decades of shooting from traditional fixed wing and rotary aircraft.

Longe before drones were available, our camera operators were hanging out of helicopters or operating specialized aerial camera systems. With the emergence and popularity of UAV and drone technolody, we naturally jumped right on board to offer solutions for various projects.

Aerial Cinematography Options

There are numerous ways to capture aerial photos and video from the air depending on project budget and scope.
Which method makes the most sense for your application?
Below are some examples for consideration.


Traditional airplanes and/or floatplanes can cover long distances, higher altitudes quickly and cost effectively. This is a good option for accessing remote locations provided there is suitable surface area for take off and landing. It’s easy to capture photos from an airplane, however video content requires larger cameras, stabilization and is often limited due to cabin size, door and window openings.


Helicopters can also cover long distances and can take off and land with greater flexibility however they are the most expensive option due to operational and equipment costs. There are several ways to capture photo/video content from a helicopter ranging from handheld and stabilized camera systems inside the aircraft, and specialized camera systems mounted to the outside of the aircraft. 


Recent advances in Drone & UAV technology have created some amazing platforms for capturing aerial photo/video. They can take off and land virtually anywhere with various camera & lens options for virtually any size and scope of project. There are strict rules and regulations that must be followed for safe operation so be sure you are working with a certified, insured drone operator for your project.


Some of the drawbacks to quad and octo-copter drones are their range limitations and flight times based on battery life and climate. There are however, fixed wing drones available capable of covering longer distances and for extended operations upwards of 3 hours. There are camera and payload restirctions due to aircraft design so be sure to consult with an expert to see if this system will live up to your expectations. 

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