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Aerial cinematography photography Ontario stems from two decades of filming from traditional fixed wing and rotary aircraft. Long before drones and UAVs were a thing, our camera operators were hanging out of helicopters. Operating specialized aerial camera systems from the air. As drone UAV RPAS systems entered the market, we jumped on board fully embracing the technology.

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What separates Aerial Cinematography photography from other aerial operators, is the fact that we are able to apply our practical aerial filming experience to our drone operations helping us visualize shots before we even leave the ground.

Drones are fantastic camera systems for operations with a relatively low altitude typically under 400 feet. For aerial cinematography photography services in higher elevations, longer distances, and in otherwise drone restricted airspace, helicopters and fixed wing aircraft are the only way to go for safe, compliant photo & video content acquisition. We have various camera systems for virtually any size project ranging from video and television to feature film, from real estate to commercial applications. We have relationships with various aircraft operators for complex projects.

There are numerous ways to capture aerial photos and video from the air depending on scope and project budget. Which method makes the most sense for your application?

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