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Our aerial cinematography experience stems from over 20 years of filming from traditional aircraft. This experience gives us a thorough understanding of how to capture a shot before we leave the ground.

Drones have become a cost effective and dynamic way to capture aerial photos and video. Shots that were considered too elaborate or expensive are made easy with drones. But they are not always the best solution.

Traditional aircraft such as helicopters and airplanes are still an viable option. They have longer flight times and can film other aircraft air to air. The can also reach higher altitudes and cover greater distances. While they are more expensive, we have reliable operators we work with on a regular basis. We have also developed various camera options for use in various aircraft.

Below is a DEMO REEL showcasing some of our aerial projects.

Aerial Cinematography Options

There are numerous ways to capture aerial photos and video from the air depending on scope and budget. Below are some examples.


Traditional airplanes and/or floatplanes can cover long distances, higher altitudes quickly and cost effectively. This is a good option for accessing remote locations provided there is suitable surface area for take off and landing. It’s easy to capture photos from an airplane, however video content requires larger cameras, stabilization and is often limited due to cabin size, door and window openings.


Helicopters can also cover long distances and hover in one place. They provide greater flexibility however they are more expensive due to operational costs.


Recent advances in Drone & UAV technology have created some amazing platforms for capturing aerial photo/video. They can take off and land virtually anywhere with various camera & lens options.


In situations too difficult for drone or traditional aircraft, Cable Camera systems can provide another option. A cable is mounted between 2 fixed points, and the camera moves up and down the line on a motorized carrier. These are ideal for shots close to people or fixed objects like trees. They are also better for repetition of a specific shot.