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Aerial Cinematography provides aerial drone photography services. Based in Sudbury we are central and service all of Northern and Southern Ontario. Over the years we have performed countless aerial drone AUV operations in various regions of the province. We have experience working in tight areas and around aerial obstructions. We also offer Cable Camera Services which can provide tethered operation in close proximity to people and other tight aerial spaces too risky for traditional drone and UAV systems.

Aerial drone photography is ideal for real estate, agriculture, commercial and industrial survey and imaging. We also provide aerial cinematography video services.

Below are examples of some of the aerial drone photography services we have performed. There is likely not enough space on this server to showcase all of our favourite images so here is a small selection. The birds eye view certainly does provide an interesting perspective. Proximity to surroundings become far more apparent. Do you need aerial drone photography services?

Contact us today to discuss your aerial photography needs.